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For many decades, a circular garden fronting the Generalate and Our Lady of the Assumption Chapel existed, with pathways leading to the main areas within the Motherhouse Complex.
Today we are gathered in a Eucharistic celebration in this old Church of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Binondo where a man older than Ignacia was baptized some 60 years before she was christened.
A dream long cherished deep in the hearts of the Religious of the Virgin Mary is the reacquisition of the original site of the Beaterio de la CompaƱia in Intramuros.
I am very happy to be with you this afternoon to remember a great woman and her role in education in the Philippines. M. Ignacia del Espiritu Santo is often ignored in history books and if ever she was mentioned, she was known primarily as the foundress of a religious community of native women, the Beaterio de la Compania de Jesus.
As a follow-up to our session on Ignacian Spirituality held last March 2012, we shall focus on the accents of Ignacian spirituality. These are the centrality of Christ and the spirituality of the cross, application to work and grateful dependence on God, interior freedom.

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