Ignacian Formation Program - College

        The concept of the Ignacian Formation Program was part of the resolutions of the 1996 National Convention of RVM Administrators held in Betania Retreat House, Tagaytay City.  It was a concrete response to the felt need of strengthening the IGNACIAN BOND among the Sisters and lay partners expressed in the Ordinary General Chapter of 1996.

          The aim of the Ignacian Formation Program is to provide a more solid foundation in the spirituality of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo for the service of the Kingdom.         It is a means of fostering, deepening and enhancing Ignacian spirituality among all those involved in the RVM apostolates – Sisters and lay partners (teachers, non-teaching personnel, workers, parents, and alumni), students, boarders, etc.

          The first edition of the Ignacian Formation Program consists of two sets of modules: one for the Youth and another for the Lay Partners.

          The modules are intended to inculcate the three (3) Ignacian core values: faith, excellence, service, and fifteen (15) related values: strong faith in God, prophetic witness to gospel values, integrity, competence, resourcefulness, discipline, self-reliance, stewardship, humility, charity, courage and preferential love of the poor.

          These modules were the fruit of the generous collaboration of some selected and committed lay educators from the different regions with the RVM Commission on Education and the staff of the Mother Ignacia Center for Spirituality.  

          In 2008, the RVM Education Ministry Commission revised the first edition.  A series of ten modules for Grade School, High School and College were prepared. 


- Excerpts from the Foreword and Introduction of the

1996 Ignacian Formation Program 

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