IFP for Employees

The Ignacian Formation Program was originally conceived in the 16th Ordinary General Chapter in 1996. This aims to provide a more solid foundation on the spirituality of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo which is a “spirituality of Marian radical openness to the will of God that impels us to a humble and courageous, generous and creative service to the Church especially the poor.” It is the spirituality of the humble servant of the Lord (CD 1996,5).

The original Ignacian Formation Program (IFP) Modules were first implemented in 1997 for the youth and Lay Partners; and in 2008 for Grade School, High School and College. These modules were revised as mandated by the 20th Ordinary General Chapter. (Documents CD 2016, p.35, 1.3). The revision was to align the modules to the current social context of our students and personnel, to enable them to uphold their personal integrity rooted in Christian morality and discipleship, and to exercise their strong sense of accountability at the level of their responsibility following the examples of Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo.

This current year 2021, the Education Ministry Commission implements the revised IFP Modules 2021 for Grade 3 to Grade 12 and for Personnel. The topics and contents of this revised IFP Modules 2021 are based from the original IFP Modules of 1997 and 2008, and most of its contents were copied/lifted from the book entitled “Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo, A Lamp to Our Path” by S. Ma. Anicia B. Co, RVM; and some were taken from “Behold the Handmaid of the Lord!” by S. Ma. Rita Ferraris, RVM; “A Valiant Woman: Thoughts and Reflections on the Legacy of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo”; Novena Prayer to Mother Ignacia del Espiritu; and from other RVM Documents.

The IFP Modules 2021 for students (Grades 3 to 12) are designed as a series of ten modules with four (4) sessions to be given by year level. The time frame for each session is one (1) hour, however if the school allows, the facilitator may extend the time to have more activities, reflection and faith sharing.  The modules focus on the family background, vocation, mission, qualities, virtues and values of Mother Ignacia and its relevance to the present reality in our society and concerns of our students.

This revised IFP modules 2021 follow the acronym of IGNACIAN as its format adopted from the templates of holiness presented by M. Ma. Corazon D. Agda, RVM in her inspirational talk during the Christian Formation Coordinators’ National Convention 2020 with some modifications to harmonize with the RVM Pedagogy.

The Ignacian Formation Program revised edition 2021 is a project initiated by the RVM Education Ministry Commission, chaired by S. Ma. Marissa Viri, RVM. It is noteworthy to acknowledge the following: S. Ma. Rufina Guillano, RVM who facilitated the IFP workshop in March 7-8, 2020 at the RVM Regional House, Singalong, Paco, Manila and for her generous time and effort to edit and finalize all the modules; to the following Christian Formation Coordinators and Lay Partners for their valuable contribution in the preparation of the preliminary drafts of the revised modules: S. Ma. May Moran, RVM, S. Ma. Mara Saira Suelto, RVM, S. Ma. Rhoma Regato, RVM, S. Ma. Marissa Ardeta, RVM, S. Ma. Relyn Grace Jaspe, RVM, S. Ma. Melanie Cajandig, RVM, Mrs. Regina Padilla, Mrs. Leah Yee (Luzon Region); S. Ma. Alice Elloran, RVM, S. Ma. Ruby Amen, RVM, S. Ma. Ilin Salvador, RVM, S. Ma. Jemimah Estorque, RVM, Mr. Jolex Estanislao, Mrs. Loreta Guimbaolibot (Visayas Region); S. Ma. Gretchen Besonia, RVM, S. Ma. Leonor Espallardo, RVM, S. Ma. Gracia Agda, RVM, Mr. Clent Daril Balaba (Northern Mindanao Region); S. Maryvic Casas, RVM, S. Ma. Christina Corre, RVM, S. Ma. Rachel Curayag, RVM, S. April Mariae Libradilla, RVM, S. Ma. Rufel Palarca, RVM, Ms. Cecille Lumayag, Ms. Socorro Neri (Southern Mindanao Region).

May this revised IFP modules 2021 continue to nurture the Students and Lay Personnel’s Ignacian Spirituality in their participation in the RVM mission of spreading the fragrance of God’s unconditional love, compassion and mercy amidst these challenging times.

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