Role of the Mother Ignacia Movement in the Promotion of the Cause of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo
By: Sr. Ma. Nicetas P. Dael, RVM
(Ang Uliran, Special Issue, March 17, 2007)


            The Mother Ignacia Movement (MIM) is an offshoot of the realization that the work on the Cause for the beatification of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo is not a monopoly of the Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM).  It is likewise the concern of those who believe in the holiness of this valiant woman who was born in the 27th century.  Her spirit lives on through the centuries and is the source of inspiration for the members of the foundation she started.


Organization and MIM Launching

            In effect the leaders from the religious lay sectors of the Archdiocese of Manila organized themselves in coordination with the RVM Congregation into a National Movement for the Cause of the beatification of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo.  Spearheading this movement was His Eminence Jaime Cardinal L. Sin, DD of happy memory, who had a special interest and enthusiasm for the Cause of Mother Ignacia.

            The movement was formally launched during the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Manila on 16 May 1988 with Cardinal Sin himself as Presider and Homilist on the solemn occasion.  A good number of bishops and priests concelebrated at Mass.

            In his homily, Cardinal Sin referred to the cause of these words:  “… it is equally inspiring to look forward to the elevation of Mother Ignacia to the altar of reverence as the first Filipino to epitomize the sanctity of Filipino womanhood,” and he further said that Mother Ignacia’s “beatification and canonization will surely be a guiding ideal to women in general along with the true and enduring principles by which women’s status may be rightly and appropriately assured.”


Expansion of the Movement

            With this idea in mind, the Mother Ignacia Movement expanded to the provinces and provincial cities in the Philippines.  Later it went across mountains and oceans that now has reached other countries like the United States and some place in Europe where our Filipino counterparts were residing.  In the Asian countries where the RVM Sisters are working, the movement was likewise introduced to the people who became interested particularly the youth and the young adults.


The MIM Goal, Mission Statement and Objectives

            The promotion for the Cause of the beatification of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo is the goal of the Mother Ignacia Movement.  The movement’s mission statement has been spelled out, thus:  “We commit ourselves to promote the Cause for the beatification of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo by encouraging other through concrete examples of offering prayers and sacrifices and letting others know who this holy woman is and why we are working for her beatification.”

            The MIM objectives are:  1) To generate, spread and maintain awareness of the person, spirit and ideals of Mother Ignacia;  2) To encourage and continuously motivate as many people as we can reach to pray for the Cause;  3) To encourage people to seek Mother Ignacia’s intercession so that in God’s own time, she may be officially elevated to the honors of the altar;  4) To organize projects and activities to intensify the promotion of the Cause;  5) To accept voluntary contributions and donations from sources that are interested in the Cause and to manage the funds legally and morally towards the attainment and achievement of the goal of the movement.


The MIM Official Newsletter:  Ang ULIRAN (formerly LA BEATA)

            From the early years of its establishment MIM Official Newsletter carried the name LA BEATA.  In the Philippines, beata is referred to a pious woman who lives a life committed to the Lord’s service.  She may live individually or with other women of the same goal.  Mother Ignacia was one of those beatas so the MIM Newsletter carried its banner as LA BEATA from 1988 to 1999.  The change was made on suggestion from the RVM General Postulator in Rome considering the fact that BEATA means BLESSED and since the Cause of Mother Ignacia is still underway, it might be misconstrued that there is a claim that Mother Ignacia has reached the stage of beatification.  Hence the change of the name to ANG ULIRAN starting from the June issue of 1997.


Ang ULIRAN as a means of Communication

            Ang ULIRAN, as the MIM official Newsletter, is a vehicle or means to reach out regularly to the different MIM Chapters and Units throughout the Philippines and some countries outside the country.  Pertinent information on Mother Ignacia and MIM activities that are perceived to help the MIM members to remind them of the goal for which the movement exists are being published herein.  Ang ULIRAN is the main promotional material spreading to the MIM members and other readers about Mother Ignacia and her life.

            Reports from the different Chapter and Units showed that they use the topics that appear in Ang ULIRAN for discussion in their meetings claiming that their knowledge about Mother Ignacia and her life is being enhanced.



            The Mother Ignacia Movement has indeed proven to be one of the active promoters of the Cause of the beatification of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo.  To them, therefore, goes the grateful acknowledgment of the efforts they have been exerting for the success of the Cause of Mother Ignacia’s beatification.  May they continue what they had started till the Lord will grant us the wonderful answer to our prayers.  Praise God!

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