Testimonies on the Intercession of MOTHER IGNACIA DEL ESPIRITU SANTO
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» Healing from Covid-19, mental illness, and broken heart
I remember every moment as if It was only yesterday. June 24, 2020, a very special day. It was my mom’s 56th birthday. The whole family celebrated with joy and wonderful feeling of togetherness. We were so happy not knowing that it’s the last celebration we’ll get to be with our mother... Days passed, she got sick, became very ill. Couldn’t even stand up nor eat. I did everything I could to help her in any way that I can. My head hurts. I had migraine every passing day. I thought it’s just because I’m pushing myself way too much on finding ways how I can further help my mother with her condition.. I contacted a lot of doctors, hospitals, friends, etc. Anyone who I think could help her. July 20, 2020 her results came, she’s positive of Covid. That same day at around 10:30pm, she left us…. I was so devastated. I couldn’t find answers. My mind was blank. I’m grieving. Why? What happened? I kept on telling myself this was just a bad dream, a nightmare. July 22, 2020, the rest of the family underwent contact tracing and swab test. Of all people, Me and my dad were both positive. I felt like I’m being punished. I still haven’t gotten over the death of my mother. And now I fear for my life and my father’s. Especially my dad. I don’t want to lose him too. He’s diabetic, he has high blood, and most of all, he’s grieving. I really don’t know what to do. I did pray. I prayed for our safety and healing. I also prayed for the eternal rest of my mother. I kept on dreaming of her. And each time, I always tell her to go to Jesus. To let us go and have her eternal rest with our Father. Covid week 1: Nothing to worry about. I had bouts of headache and migraine but I’m still able to continue life as normal as with any other day. Covid week 2: Aside from headache, I started having fever, sore throat, dry cough. Covid week 3: Flu has gotten the better of me. Every inch of my body hurts. Not only that, I am also having shortness of breath. Covid week 4: I can’t breathe. At this point, I thought of my mother. How much has she suffered from the past month. She probably has experienced worse. I’m starting to get scared. Scared that Jesus might not accept me in heaven. Scared that I have not yet fully lived my life the way God wants me to. I have not fulfilled my mission. Most of all, I’m scared I’d be sent to eternal damnation for the wrong things I did in the past. August 8, 2020 3:43 AM, God listened. A miracle started to happen. I was able to speak to one of His people. A follower of Mother Ignacia. He used Melanie as a tool for my healing. We spoke for as long as I can remember. I could hardly breathe, could hardly even talk. But at that moment, when I heard her voice praying over me, I feel like I’ve been touched by the holy spirit. I felt the virus leaving my body. I felt healing for the first time. I was able to breathe. I was able to calm down. I felt my body rejecting the virus flushing the virus from my nose, throat, lungs, brain, heart, kidney, blood, and all my other organs. Lastly, Melanie asked if I have a picture of Mama Mary that I can hold onto for the night. I reached out at the far end of our altar. Amazingly, I found myself holding the picture of Mother Ignacia. I placed her picture in my chest. And I continued praying for my healing. I prayed to our Father, I prayed to Mama Mary, and I prayed to mother Ignacia. Covid week 5: Difficulty in breathing has lessened. The darkness in my heart from the misfortunes I experienced from the past months has been purified once more. I knew I was saved. I only have LBM as one of the symptoms, and I felt like it’s my body’s way of excreting the virus away from myself. How wonderful God is. God is Good. I had my second chance at life. Not only did He cure me from the virus, I was able to recover from my mental illness. I promised never to commit suicide ever again. I promised I would take care of my body even more. I’m now making efforts to become aware of my mental health. Spiritually, I believe I’ve gotten a stronger bond with our creator. I now hear mass at least once a week. I continue to pray to Him even without asking for anything but just thanking Him for everything. God’s love is overflowing. I can feel it. Lastly, I am no longer brokenhearted from the passing of my mother. Because it has come to my realization that she is now with our Lord. All these incidents led me to strengthen my Faith in Him. Up to this day, I continue to pray. That God may use me. To make Him known to others. To drive away evil. I pray that I may find my purpose for still breathing. Lord, I offer my life to you. I’m no longer afraid for I know you’re with me.
- Erika Morales
» Miracle for Two
On Sept. 8, 2011 the birthday of Mother Mary at dawn I was chilling becuase of fever. It was so cold and I do not have medicine at that time. I was sleeping disturbly, until it went to 2am. I knew that its mother Mary's bday and also for the coming few days it was Mother Ignacia' s death anniversary. I prayed hard in my head saying mama Mary and mother Ignacia heal me, my whole body is shaking. Only seconds, I find it very strange and wonder. Becuase my body suddenly became so warm from my head down to my toes. I felt the warmth all over my body. And the shaking the chill was gone just seconds. Then before i went back to sleep, I was amazed and wondered, immediatley my fever was gone. Now then I have reflected it was mama Mary and Mother Ignacia heard and answered my prayer. What a big impact in my life. Until now I remember the goose bump, recalling my miracle experience. The other miracle that received, is today Dec.20,2018. This would be my greatest miracle too. Last Dec.6,2018 I was diagnosed possible ectopic becuase I had spotting and my pregnancy test was positive. But the doctors were confused of my conditon becuase aside from I had spotting, there was no sign of abdominal pain. The doctor doesnt want to conduct surgery since I do not have pain. But the doctors monitored my complex mass inside my right tube becuase on the third TVS the mass became bigger in size. The doctor told me to prepare myself if incase of rapture, I should proceed for surgery. With that I prayed hard to mother Ignacia and all the saints to release my mass and stop the progress becuase I dont want to be operated becuase I have no baby yet, considering also my age, Im still prayed harder that God will grant our hearts desire to have children of my own. After series of TVS it found out today that the mass was getting smaller from 12ml it goes down to 2ml. What a miracle. The doctor said that I am now safe or away from possible ectopic. There wil be no more surgery. I would just take some pills to regulate my menstrual cycle. I and my husband we are so grateful for our answered prayer. Mother Ignacia, mama Mary, St. Philomena and the rest of the saints I called to pray for me. MIRACLE I claim! Now I'm feeling better and no more anxious feeling. I am so proud to write on my testimonials becuase these were miracles that I would be forever grateful for the love of God on me. I continue to pray and believe, if God granted my healing on complex mass and was save from ectopic operation, I know I claim I will have my first born child on the coming 2019. I was so happy to be positive on PT I was so excited to be a mother. But it was not yet the right time for me. God has its own plan for me and I will wait with joy and hope. Amen.
- Janeth Tamondong
» she heald the illnesses of my children.
my son and my daugther suffering a high fever every night. but when i put the the picture of Mother Ignacia Del Espiritu Santo into their heads and offering a Prayers to Mother Ignacia Del Espirito Santo they were healed. I want to give a very big thanks to Mother Ignacia Del Espiritu for the miracles she had given to my children. Amen...
- esmeralda kurai
» Miracles and Prayers
I knew Mother Ignacia back then when I was in elementary. I studied at an RVM school. My family and I are having a wonderful summer holiday but suddenly my father got a back ache. We hurried home immediately and went to the hospital. The doctor said he had a Heart Attack. My mother told me to go and search for this kind of medicines. After several hours the searching succeeded. My father was confined in the ICU for 2 days. I didn't have anything to do for my but father's healing but pray. Prayer works best. I helped my mom pay the bills, doing the papers, buying medicines and some hospital things. My father really is a fighter and survivor. I kept on praying to God that he may bless my father with a very healthy heart. Now, he had just his Stent Operation and it was successful and safe. He went back to work. I pray the prayer for the beatification of Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo and include my father in the intentions. God and all the saints helped for my father's healing. I'm very thankful for the big miracles in my whole life.
- Dahry Canete
What is a religious devotion? It is a pure love for, unquestionable loyalty to, and a growing relationship with God, the saints, or religious persons who are known for their strong faith in God. Religious devotion not only illustrates but also strengthens one’s faith. It feeds the soul just as food feeds the body. It inspires one to live a holy life just as dreams inspire one to live a meaningful life.

I first learned about Venerable Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo in 1961, during the first year of my high school education at the Immaculate Conception College (now, University of the Immaculate Conception) in Davao City, a Catholic educational institution operated by the nuns of the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM)—a congregation she founded. From that time, I have developed a strong admiration for and derived great inspiration from the faith of Mother Ignacia, which I nurtured in me even when I left Davao City and studied for my college education at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila.

I believe that part of God’s design for my life, after earning a degree in Psychology from UST, is to work close to Mother Ignacia as despite job offers from other educational institutions in Manila and Davao City, my heart directed me back to my Alma Mater and I accepted a teaching and counseling job at the ICC. While working, my admiration for and the inspiration I derived from the faith of Mother Ignacia grew even more into a devotion that is characterized by love and loyalty. It was also during this time that I started to pray the novena for her beatification and sainthood—an act of devotion that I do everyday until now.

I have learned that the most difficult and the most challenging tests of faith and the strongest expression of God’s goodness happen when we encounter the hardest of life’s problems—those that plunge our spirits to the lowest point. When I found myself at such point, I felt anxiously “alone” and with crushed self-esteem. Not even the strong love, support and belief of my parents, husband, children and friends made me feel better.

I knew then that I was at the deepest and darkest pit of life because even as I prayed hard to God, I did not feel His presence.

Somehow, God’s loving and merciful hands led me to the Betania Convent of the RVM sisters in Quezon City. Instantly, the presence and companionship of the RVM sisters changed how I felt and the strength of their faith and the warmth of their love made me realize that I was not alone-I have a congregation!

Likewise, the life, faith, and teachings of Mother Ignacia, which RVM Superior Mother Assumpta David lovingly shared with me at that point as a source of enlightenment and courage, brought me back to the light of God’s goodness and grace and not only lifted me back to my usual self but transformed me to a stronger and more faithful person.

From then on, in both good and not-so-good times, both my family and I hold on to nothing but God’s goodness. At the age of 40, God, through the intercession of Mother Ignacia, made me feel more His love when He also blessed my family with another daughter who, in thanksgiving to God, we lovingly and faithfully named Margarita Ignacia. Now at 65 years old, I am still blessed—God relieved me of papillary thyroid cancer and I am gratefully surrounded by loving and caring family and friends, who all mirror God’s divine mercy and love.

The Venerable Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo will remain not only an intermediary between my family and God but also an inspiration and model of a strong living faith in God and of continuing service to others as a faithful way of following God’s path.
- RHODORA BENDIGO NOGRALES - (ICC High School Batch 1965)
» How I Came to Know Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo
Published in the Souvenir Program of the Mother Ignacia Movement 2nd National Convention, February 16-17, 2013
I am an ICCian that’s why! In school, we were taught the M. Ignacia song, since grade school to high school. We were taught that she was foundress of the RVM, so the sisters say, who cares. When college came, I left ICC and transferred to another school. There goes M. Ignacia down the drain, completely forgotten, not even a fragment left in my imagination.

College came and went. I got married, had a blissful marriage, had two wonderful and intelligent kids whom I sent them to private school. I thought everything was going great for us.

In 2002, my husband had his physical examination. He was diagnosed with LEUKEMIA. We were dumbfounded! We could hardly believe our ears. The “BIG C” as they call it. It was damnation for us! We all know that when CANCER comes to mind, what follows next is CHEMOTHERAPY, what goes hand in hand with CHEMO? “MONEY!” We don’t have any! We’ve been penny pinching and scrimping ever since the kids began schooling. It was a good thing that the eldest graduated already, but we still have a son left in college. Just the thought of my son not being able to finish college breaks our heart.

My husband and I decidedly ruled out chemotherapy. We could not risk losing our home when there is no guarantee for his cure. We prayed hard and real tears flowed out. Suddenly, I remembered the M. IGNACIA HEALING CENTER. All the while I thought my introduction about M. Ignacia ended in school—well actually it only just began. We experienced spiritual, physical, and innermost healing. I was very diligent in going there, always the first patient to arrive and the last patient to leave. I took the initiative to lead the novena as there were no healers to lead anymore. Patients came and went, but I was still there standing, rain or shine.

Something struck me. I came to realize that I LOVE going there and be with patients, exchanging notes, experiences, and pleasantries. At the back of my mind, I wanted to become a “HEALER.” After two or three years, S. Ma. Gloria Ross, RVM, came to train for more healers. I was one of them. When I finished the training, I was doubtful if I was really gifted. One night, my husband was complaining of a painful spleen due to his illness. I performed the healing. He fell asleep during the healing process. The next morning when he woke up, he told me. “Healer ka na pala talaga” as the pain was gone and he had a very good night sleep. The time, money, and effort paid off, I thought. Thus, my journey with M. Ignacia del Espiritu Santo began. We were again taught the M. Ignacia song “ULIRAN” and I’ve memorized it by heart now. We were given lectures and reading materials about her life, but I still have a hard time digesting the context of the materials. I was elected president of the MIM. I was praying to M. Ignacia to enlighten me and help me understand her. I even went to Binondo to see and feel for myself the place where she went. I went to the Beaterio to find the relics and her Baptismal certificate. My God! She was real!

Early last year, my husband was hospitalized with pulmonary embolism, common among cancer patients. He recovered and was released before the Holy Week. We celebrated his birthday still. After a couple of weeks, he was taken home by the Lord, and it was during those times when I needed M. Ignacia the most. She was there for me. She made me strong and helped me pull through. She made it easy for my husband too, because she never allowed him to suffer. During the entire duration of his illness, he was able to live a normal life. He was able to enjoy and devote his life with his family, children, and his work. He happily drove me to and from the healing center to where the healers should be.

Something unbelievable happened one day at the healing center. I have been praying for a couple of weeks already wanting to know my husband’s whereabouts in the afterlife. Does he need more prayers, rosaries, masses, and what not? My co-healers and a Sister were privy to what happened. My prayer was answered through note, saying that he was okay in heaven. It is clear to me that M. Ignacia had a hand in this. Mother did not let me down. She was there for my husband during the entire duration of his illness and was with me the entire time I was tending to my husband. M. Ignacia was instrumental for the innermost and spiritual healing of my husband because he died in peace. Healing doesn’t necessarily mean physical; it may be innermost and spiritual. I came to realize that spiritual healing is what matters most. With spiritual healing, everything will just fall into place. It is preparing us to something greater and bigger to happen in our life. It helps us accept all the hurdles that we may encounter in our life wholeheartedly.

Now I am facing a new chapter in my life. Together with M. Ignacia, I will be able to bravely face all pitfalls and hurdles that come my way.
- (SGD) Cynthia Parcon
Published in the Souvenir Program of the Mother Ignacia Movement 2nd National Convention, February 16-17, 2013
I, Mr. Enrique G. Sarmiento, Jr., member of MIM Tamontaka, Cotabato City Chapter, having a testimony and unforgettable experience as a member of MIM last October 2012. That my co-MIM member told me to attend the 2nd National Convention here in Manila scheduled this February 16-17, 2013, at ako naman ay pumayag. Subalit ako’y nalulungkot dahil hindi ko makakasama ang aking mga kasamahan lalong-lalo na ang aking pamilya na mga miyembro rin ng MIM dahil sa kakulangan ng pera. Ang ginawa ko ay nagpray ako kay M. Ignacia na sana papanalunin ako sa LOTTO para maisama ko sila at madagdagan ang budget ko sa January 18, 2013. Napadaan ako sa isang LOTTO outlet sa Cotabato City at tumaya ako ng LOTTO 6/45 draw. After 4 days hindi ko akalain nanalo na pala ako sa nabanggit na draw ng consolation prize na nagkahalaga ng P 523,000.00. Ako’y natuwa at napaiyak dahil pinakinggan ni M. Ignacia ang aking kahilingan na kahit papaano ay nadagdagan ang budget ko sa pagdalo ng 2nd National Convention. Maraming salamat po talaga kay Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo.
- (SGD) Enrique Sarmiento - Cotabato City
» Healing of Nephrotic Syndrome
Published in the Souvenir Program of the Mother Ignacia Movement 2nd National Convention, February 16-17, 2013
Philips James Robles, a ten-year old boy has been diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome in his kidney by Dr. Gemma T. Aguila, a neprotologist at San Pedro Hospital of Davao City on June 1, 2009. The doctor prescribed medication treatment for him and after two months, he underwent a laboratory test as follow-up. The result was negative.

After two weeks, however, Philips complained that he was not feeling well and without delay, we consulted the municipal doctor of New Bataan. He was made to undergo a urine test that showed positive results with his ailment getting worse.

We went back to the Neprologist, but no medication was prescribed for him. His face had changed. It became bloated. The doctor recommended kidney biopsy operation for him.

In the name of Papa Jesus and Mama Mary, we asked their help in prayer that we may be guided on what to do with our son who is sick, so as to be healed.

We searched for the person who can be of help to Philips James. Sister Gloria was this person we were looking for. We went around the entire Davao, dropping in at different churches when finally, we were directed to the provincial house where we inquired where we can find S. Gloria. But nobody could give us the information where the Sister was. When we were on our way home, I thought of going to San Pablo Church to hear mass. After the Mass, we were about to go home when my husband saw a big picture of Mother Ignacia in front of the gate of the RVM Provincial House.

We stopped at the gate and pushed the doorbell when at the other side, a girl (Laura) appeared. We asked her where we could find S. Gloria. She told us that S. Gloria was no longer in Davao for a long time now. We asked her who replaced S. Gloria. We told Laura that we are asking help for Philips. She pitied our son, so she gave us the name of S. Angie. She informed us that we can find S. Angie in Barangay Tangub of Davao at Gloria Christy Orphanage, Tagum.

Early the following morning, I met with S. Angie in Tagum. Thanks to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Papa Jesus, and Mother Ignacia for such meeting with S. Angie. I pleaded to her for the healing of my son. She prayed immediately over Philips James through her distance healing having Philips’ picture at hand. A follow-up check-up for Philips had to be made in two days time. I was afraid for the result of the laboratory test.

God’s miracle started with Philips James. The follow-up check-up showed a decrease in the kidney infection. The doctor herself was surprised to notice that little by little the infection was diminishing in number when no medication was prescribed for him, until finally the kidney became clear. S. Angie continued with the healing session with the patient through the intercession of Mother Ignacia, Mama Mary, and Papa Jesus, accompanied by the prayers of the RVM Sisters.

Now Philips James is completely healed through this miracle. Thanks to Papa Jesus, Mama Mary, Mother Ignacia, and S. Angie who was God’s instrument in the healing of my son. Thanks also to the RVM Sisters who helped with their prayers for the healing of Philips James.

Mother Ignacia, thank you for the miracle of healing my son from his ailment.
- (SGD) Erlinda Robles
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