Testimonies on the Intercession of MOTHER IGNACIA DEL ESPIRITU SANTO
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» Healing from Stroke
Published in the Souvenir Program of the Mother Ignacia Movement 2nd National Convention, February 16-17, 2013
Buwan ng Hunyo 2008 ako’y nagkaroon ng STROKE nang dahil sa dami ng problemang dumarating sa buhay namin.

Bago nangyari ang lahat, ako ay nagpatingin sa doctor. Sa mga oras na iyon ay hindi ako sinabihan ng doctor na tumaas ang aking dugo. Pag-uwi ko sa bahay ay dumeretso ako sa paghiga dahil sa pagod. Hindi ko namalayan na nastroke na pala ako. Dali-dali nila akong dinala sa ospital. Four days ako naconfine. Nang sabihin ng doctor na pwede na akong umuwi, maraming reseta ang ibinigay sa akin. Nag-alala ako kung saan na naman ako kukuha ng pambili ng gamut.

Pinuntahan ako ng mga kasamahan ko sa simbahah at binigyan nila ako ng mga gamut ayon sa reseta ng doctor at nagpray over sila sa akin. Nang sabihin nung isang kasamahan namin na buksan ko ang bibliya, ang nabuksan ko ay ang verse ni “Matthew na ‘Milagro.’” Bago ko pinikit ang aking mga mata, nakita ko ang larawan ni Mother Ignacia sa altar. Inabot ko ito at niyapos habang tinatawag ko ang pangalan niya kasama sina Jesus, Mama Mary, at ang mga anghel sa langit na sana gamutin nila ang aking karamdaman dahil po wala akong pambili ng gamot.

Buwan at mga araw ang lumipas at patuloy akong dumalangin sa kanila. Hinahaplos ko ang larawan ni Mother Ignacia. Lumipas ang mga araw at hindi ko akalain na dahan-dahan akong gumaling na walang ininom na gamut. Sa ngayon, ako’y nakalalakad na at nakakikilos na nang normal. Balik na rin po ako sa simbahan kung saan ako aktibo bilang GKK at MIM member.

Laking pasalamat ko sa Panginoong Jesus, Mama Mary, at kay Mother Ignacia.
- (SGD) Matilde Surigao - Boulevard, Davao City
» Fast Healing of Cough and Fever through Prayer to M. Ignacia
Published in the Souvenir Program of the Mother Ignacia Movement 2nd National Convention, February 16-17, 2013
I am Susan Hermosa, only daughter of Justina Hermosa from Cagayan de Oro City. I came to know Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo through S. Ma. Rosa Castil, RVM of Lourdes College. S. Clare explained to me what the Mother Ignacia Movement was all about.

When I started praying to Mother Ignacia, I happened to detect her subtle and silent way of giving me and my mom generous blessings and surprises daily even in simple ways. And so, I was telling the people whom I gave her prayer leaflet to pray to her and ask her intercessory help for she is generous, though she is silent. Whenever I faced the statue or photo of Mother Ignacia, I only plead for help in a simple and natural manner, in our daily course of life. So many things she had given me and so many problems got solved as I just continued to obey what the nuns asked me to do every time they call me.

But, the one experience I could not forget a lifetime happened only recently during the 71st birthday of my mom, Justina Hermosa. Last Sept. 26, 2012, I happened to have fever and hard cough for 7 days already. After taking the medicines and antibiotics, I still found no relief. My mom went out on that day to visit the elderly catechists with the nuns and her co-catechists. I was left alone at home. The night prior to that, S. Clare, RVM texted me to pray with faith and place the photo of Mother Ignacia to any painful part of my body. That was relieving, but my cough and fever still continued. I felt so dizzy on that day as our house would turn if I look around. I managed to stand up and positioned myself to vomit, after which, I lied down on my bed as I was on my way to collapse. I closed my eyes because our house seemed to turn around as I looked around and felt the urge to vomit again. I prayed to God to forgive me all my sins if He was going to take me at that moment, but I begged Him to extend my life, because I pitied my mom if she’d be alone. I still managed to text S. Clare asking her what to do, what to press on my body to help me recover from my dizziness and wanting to vomit again. I also texted S. Conching Buenaventura, a healing nun, to give me healing through cellphone. I remained on my bed without moving at that moment and waited for what will happen next. I then felt something inside my body as the fluids in my system and the blood in my veins ran, and circulated slowly in my entire system as if fixing something in my body. I received a text message from S. Conching, it was a healing prayer. I prayed it deeply as I was still feeling very dizzy and wanting to vomit again. My body began sweating profusely, as my shirt and short pants were so wet, so with the thick towel that I was holding at that moment because my face and head were so wet. My sweat flowed like tears at that moment. Everything was gone without any medicine. My seven-day fever and cough vanished. I texted S. Conching and S. Clare to tell them I was okay.

It was so amazing at that moment I came to realize that every minute of our life here on earth is so precious as God would send us a miracle anytime on our borrowed life. As I personally experienced the instant healing process from Mother Ignacia’s intercession, I am so thankful to God that by His grace, He instantly gave miraculous healing to me through the intercession of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo, on which I thought at that moment, that it would be the end of my life.
- (SGD) Susan Y. Hermosa - St. Augustine Cathedral U
» Healing of Swollen Leg
Published in the Souvenir Program of the Mother Ignacia Movement 2nd National Convention, February 16-17, 2013
It was just a mosquito bite in November 2000 when my husband was watching television by the window. He scratched and scratched until a wound formed. Two weeks later, the leg swelled and the wound became bigger. He washed the wound with boiled guava leaves water and mercurochrome every day, but the wound did not get any better. He went to a skin specialist and was asked to apply ointments and take antibiotics. The medicine did not help much as his wound did not make him sleep. We were so worried. Someone told us to find the “albulario” in Digos who was good at healing, so we went to him. We were not contented with his healing using his saliva and some roots and leaves, so we went to another healer in Tacurong, Cotoabato. The improvement was slow. Days later, the wound was oozing with pus and blood although we washed the wound very often with warm water and soap and applied an ointment given by another doctor. The healing was discouraging. The wound emitted offensive smell in spite of the washing done morning and night. This worried us very much.

One Sunday, we, members of the Mother Ignacia Movement in Kidapawan led by Mrs. Agnes Amador, were called for a meeting. In that meeting, the Sisters gave handouts with the picture of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo and the brief account of her life in it. This I took home. I gave the picture to my husband who was sitting by the door. I told him to ask Mother Ignacia’s help to heal him. This, he did many times a day, kissing the picture and praying to Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo to help heal his aching foot and leg. After three days he stopped limping and his foot begun to dry up. After our Novena, through the intercession of Mother Ignacia, the wound continued to heal. The wound now is only a big scar, no longer the offensive smelly thing.

Thank you, Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo for interceding in healing my husband’s ailment. Praise and thank you Lord!

I am also grateful to Mama Mary for her intercession.
- (SGD) Mrs. Emerenciana Z. Napoles - Kidapawan City
» Fast Healing after Bypass
Published in the Souvenir Program of the Mother Ignacia Movement 2nd National Convention, February 16-17, 2013
I have a congenital heart disease since I was born. Due to my illness, it was advised by heart specialists that I should undergo a heart bypass at a certain age. It was my parents and my grandmother who stood by my side and even suffered more the agony that I have undergone during some attacks.

In spite of my illness, I still do what other children do – play, go to school, but with some restrictions. It was during my early elementary days when I was enrolled at Notre Dame of Kidapawan for the Girls (now St. Mary’s Academy of Kidapawan) that I’ve learned to pray the rosary. It was during this time that my grandmother, then Honorable Board Member Agnes S. Amador, became the President of the Mother Ignacia Movement. That time, I became the youngest member of the Mother Ignacia Club and youngest MIM member.

At age seven, I was advised to have a heart bypass at the Philippine Heart Center. My heart specialist decided for me to undergo such operation because of my very crucial condition – I began to experience bleeding. Before I went inside the operating room, I prayed hard. “Come Holy Spirit. Enkindle my heart with the fire of thy love.” I said it thrice before I became unconscious. During my operation, I saw two doctors and a nurse inside. There was also a nun who wore a black dress with a rosary bracelet. She held my hand all throughout the duration of the surgery.

Right after the operation, when I woke up, I asked my nurse about my rosary bracelet which the nun in black gave me. She told me that nobody saw the nun and that there was no rosary bracelet since it is prohibited inside the operating room. I’ve requested her to ask my mommy to bring near me the picture of Mother Ignacia which I put near the operated part of my body. Miracle of all miracles, and even my heart specialist could testify that my recovery after the operation was too fast, that I never passed the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) anymore which is a must for children who have undergone the same operation.

My heart specialist told me that I need another heart bypass after a year or two. But thanks be to God and to the intercession of Mother Ignacia, my health continuously improved. I grew healthy and strong after I had my first and maybe, last heart bypass.

Indeed, faith can move mountains. I believe Mother Ignacia helped me. I never fail to cling to Mother Ignacia whenever and whatever trials and problems that came and may come my way. I believe that Mother Ignacia will never fail me. She will always look and safeguard me from any harm.
- (SGD) Thad Amador
Published in the Souvenir Program of the Mother Ignacia Movement 2nd National Convention, February 16-17, 2013
I am Virginia Amarillento, 57 years old. I am sick with complicated illnesses. I am always brought to the hospital, but there is no improvement. I could hardly walk and my blood sugar is very high. Somebody told me that she was healed by S. Ignacia. So I went to the Healing Center in Barangay Langub. It was the 3rd Saturday of November 2012 when I visited the place. I was directed to go to the kiosk, where a Sister is healing the sick. I thought that she is S. Ignacia. Only upon sharing what happened to me to S. Bernardita that I learned that the Sister is S. Angelita Pascual. She prayed for me and to my surprise, I felt heat in my stomach and after the session, I felt good. I was able to sleep well that evening. After three days, I observed that I could already walk. From that time on, I experienced good health and I am grateful to S. Angelita, but most especially to God and the intercession of Mother Ignacia. Every Saturday, I return to the Healing Center. Once a month, there is mass and anointing of the sick. I feel so happy and grateful. Thank you Lord! Thank you Mother Ignacia.
- (SGD) Virginia Amarillento - Davao City
» Healing of Breast Cancer
Published in the Souvenir Program of the Mother Ignacia Movement 2nd National Convention, February 16-17, 2013
It was during the months of January and February 2010 when I went to the RVM Regional House, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City to request for a pray over to be healed from breast cancer. I am Violeta Pimentel Dael, a resident of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. A series of healing sessions was conducted by S. Ma. Consolacion Buenaventura, RVM. It was done two to three times a week between 8:00 to 9:00 A.M. After every healing session, I experienced a very light and peaceful feeling both spiritually and physically. I felt the heavy load being removed after the healing session. I have asked the Lord Jesus Christ to heal me completely from breast cancer through the intercession of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo. The favor I asked was granted slowly from that time I have asked for it. I am now on my 3rd year when I have undergone a series of healing sessions. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for being healed completely through the intercession of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo with the prayers from the RVM Sisters, priests, and relatives who offered healing masses for me.
- (SGD) Violete Pimentel Dael Jasaan, Misamis Orient
» Healing of Acute Renal Failure or Kidney Malfunction
Published in the Souvenir Program of the Mother Ignacia Movement 2nd National Convention, February 16-17, 2013
Our mother, the late IRENE JUANE-ZADORADO, has been sick for a long time. She has been on and off in the hospital, the last of which was December 20, 2001 when she was rushed to the hospital for seizure and unconsciousness. This time she had an acute renal failure or kidney malfunction, with hemodialysis as the only remedy if only to prolong her life; but which the attending physician discouraged the family among others because of her age.

On December 27, my brother from Manila arrived to visit her. He brought with him healing water from the HEALING CENTER of Sister Rachel. We administered it externally on our mother’s body near her kidney and orally. When she started removing her oxygen and dextrose, the attending physician decided that she be discharged and sent home on December 29. At home, we gave her little food because she refused to eat and she was always asleep. She just survived on the small amount of healing water she would swallow and our prayers to JESUS through the intercession of MOTHER IGNACIA DEL ESPIRITU SANTO. Her life extended for 25 days more.

During the days that she was asleep at home, she woke up one day and talked to us in English, and we suspected that her soul travelled to America and was able to communicate with one of our brothers there who was away for 10 years. My brother confirmed to us when he arrived in Kidapawan that he dreamed that our mother talked to him asking him to look after us when she is gone, and for which our brother allegedly promised to comply with. When my brother woke up, he told his wife that something might have happened to Mom in Kidapawan, and later that same day, he learned from us that our mother passed away.

To us, the miracle of Mother Ignacia is spiritual healing because when my brother arrived, they settled any and all obligations incidental to the demise of our mother and promised to make our lives more comfortable by giving us aid to improve our life. For this, thanks for the intercession of MOTHER IGNACIA.
- (SGD) Juanezadorado Family
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