This is composed of all existing organizations in the Generalate Area of the Religious of the Virgin Mary devoted to the life and works and cause of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo aimed at maximizing their resources and streamlining their basic formation program for Leadership in Service and Service as Leadership for the common good through a consortium or linkage of people and programs.

Goal: We, the National Federation of the Friends of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo bond ourselves together to promote devotion to and cause of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo for service to the church and our people for the greater honor and glory of God.

Hence, this is an umbrella of the following existing associations or organizations:

  1. Mother Ignacia Club which started in 1971 in St. Mary's College, Quezon City
  2. Kapatiran ni Mother Ignacia initiated by S. Ma. Imelda Sayson in Marikina in 1981.
  3. Confraternity of Our Lady of the Beaterio which began in 1985 in the RVM Mother House, Quezon City
  4. Mother Ignacia Lay Community which was established by the SMC, QC. Parents, Officers of the SMC Family Council on September 22, 1987
  5. Mother Ignacia Movement launched in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Intramuros, Manila in 1988.
  6. Friends of Mother Ignacia, started in the EDSA Shrine composed of benefactors, faculty, lay personnel, alumni, etc.
  7. Other clusters like those in the Mother Ignacia Healing Centers in Bagumbong, Caloocan, and the Mother Ignacia Youth Club in Marikina initiated by Mr. Andrew Concepcion.

To achieve our goal, we take the following as our Strategies shortened into an acronym PRAISE which means:

     P     -    PRAYER
     R     -    RESEARCH
     A     -    ABNEGATION

     S     -    SERVICE
     E     -    EXAMPLE

This acronym stands for praise to God for the gift of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo to the Chruch and to the World. She is offered as a Servant of God whose life and works serve as a legacy for the transformation of society for the good of the Chruch and the greater glory of God. Rooted and centered in Christ, the Strategies cover a process of knowing her, emulating her life and works and sharing her to others even to the point of promoting her cause for beatification and eventual canonization and beyond that by a lifetime of prayer and service for our people especially the poor.

Directly under the supervision of the Religious of the Virgin Mary for linkage of people and programs, the National Federation is led by duly elected officers taken from 15 board members chosen as representatives by each association.

Vice President
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Treasurer
Press Relation Officer
Religious Adviser

Tenure of office will be two years subject to reelection as maximum service. 



Functions: All officers of the National Federation and the Coordinators of the Working Committees prepare an Annual Plans with Annual Performance Reports to be submitted to the Chairperson who is responsible to consolidate them in his/her report to the Executive Board and submitted to the RVM in charge yearly.


  • - oversees the overall management of the Federation
  • - sees to it that the Federation functions in the light of the vision-mission of the National Federation
  • - is directly responsible to the RVM in charge
  • - promotes unity in diversity in the formation of the officers and members advocating devotion to and cause of Mother Ignacia
  • - prepares the agenda of every meeting in coordination with the RVM in charge, and conducts said meeting
  • - may create committees in consultation with the Board with the approval of the RVM in charge
  • - prepares a yearly budget in coordination with the RVM in charge to be approved by the Executive Board
  • - makes a yearly report with the financial performance report
  • - subjects the National Federation to be audited yearly by the RVM auditor
  • - serves as a liaison between the RVM and the existing organization
  • - represents the National Federation when needed

Vice Chairperson:

  • - takes over in the absence of the chairperson
  • - assists the chairperson in the overall management of the National Federation
  • - accepts responsibilities delegated to him/her by the chairperson
  • - may chair a committee upon appointment of the chairperson in coordination with the RVM in charge


  • - distributes copies of the agenda of meetings
  • - takes down minutes of meetings for recording and filling
  • - calendars and records important events of the National Federation
  • - takes charge of all correspondence of the National Federation in coordination with the Chairperson
  • - follows up the Documentation Committee in coordination with the Education Committee
  • - consolidates Inventories of offices
  • - keeps important records of the National Federation such as its history and major activities within and outside the National Federation

Coordinating Secretary

  • - helps the Secretary in coordinating with the different officers and committees and other services of the National Federation


  • - takes charge of the ways and means in collaboration with the Chairperson
  • - is responsible for financial matters of the National Federation in coordination with the Chairperson
  • - oversees the management of the Service and Temporalities Committees in coordination with the Chairperson


  • - serves as liaison between the National Federation and the Mass Media
  • - takes charge of preparing press releases and distributing them for publication via press, airing over radio, television, etc. in collaboration with the Education Committee upon the approval of the RVM in charge
  • - facilitates networking to committees involved




  • - takes charge of the formation of the officers and members in the light and idealsof Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo
  • - prepares the liturgical and paraliturgical activities as needed and contacts person involved in such activities
  • - some may form as part of the RVM Formation Team


  • - takes charge of preparing and facilitating research, information and dissemination
  • - taps experts and resource persons for the on-going information program (strategy: spearkers' bureau for teach-ins)
  • - reviews and updates existing materials according to the needs of the National Federation
  • - schedules visits and tours to historic places in coordination with the Archivist and the Chairperson of the Mother Foundress Commission
  • - submits approved materials for production
  • - is accountable to the chairperson


  • - shares expertise and resource for service of the National Federation and its reachout activities
  • - identifies areas of reachout involvement
  • - prepares and implements reachout programs with Disaster Relief component
  • - assists the Congregation in its ministries and concerns when needed


  • - takes charge of ways and means
  • - is responsible for the production and distribution of materials needed
  • - works as a team with the Treasurer who may lead the committee


  • - takes charge of youth activities in collaboration with the other committees
  • - is responsible for recruitment of their peers in collaboration with the Recruitment and Membership Committee


  • - takes charge of the recording and filing of the print and non print materials of the activities of the Federation
  • - provides documented materials as needs arise


  • - prepares an updated directory of the officers and members of the Federation
  • - provides guidelines for recruitment for existing associations
  • - designs a recruitment program for a new cluster
  • - creats or forms new clusters outside existing associations
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