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» Ten Questions for RVM Graduates
Date Posted: 28-Feb-2017
The story of M. Ignacia and the development of the beaterio into a congregation is a story of finding God through experiences of growth, conflict and ambiguities. Present day men and women, young or old, can draw inspiration and strength from M. Ignacia’s example of life of faith and witness. Her spirituality is still relevant to our times.
M. Ignacia resigned from the governance of the house and lived as an ordinary member until her death on September 10, 1748. She must have reached this decision through a painful process of discernment. Her companions might have urged her to continue in office until her death.
» Ignacian Values Master Chart
Date Posted: 10-Sep-2015
The mystery of God’s loving call and our humble response has always been unfolding gradually yet surprisingly leading us time and again to ever new and creative ways of spreading and nurturing the Christian faith.
» Mother Ignacia: Prophet and Mystic
Date Posted: 6-Apr-2015
Prophecy and mysticism sound familiar. But the feeling of strangeness bordering on unease tends to creep in at the thought of appropriating both words at the same time to the experience of Ignacia del Espiritu Santo.
The year 2014 will be etched in the memory of the Catholic faithful as the year when two popes were canonized, Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII.

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