Eighth Day: Mary and Mother Ignacia.
“…That they (the beatas) might continue to serve and please God under the protection of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary…”
REFLECTION: With an early religious formation in a Dominican parish, and the spiritual guidance of Jesuit directors, it is not surprising that devotion to Mary became a hallmark in the life of Mother Ignacia and her religious family, and eventually became enshrined in the Rules of the Beaterio. The fifteen Marian provisions in the Constitutions define Mary’s role as Mother, Model and Patroness to the yndia beatas. Mary was the model to be imitated in conversation, in the practice of virtue, and in the day-to-day living out of the ‘service to His Majesty.’ This special relationship with Mary is to be enhanced by a conscious effort on the part of the beata to celebrate the mysteries of Mary’s own life in a special manner. Her feasts are prepared for and celebrated with vigils and fasts, two parts of the rosary are prayed each day, and a third added on Sundays and feast days. A High Mass is sung in her honor on Saturdays. The Beaterio was placed under the patronage of Mary’s Assumption two centuries before the Church declared this feast a dogma of faith, and the beatas renewed their vows on the feasts of Mary’s Purification and Assumption. Everyone who reside in the Beaterio are reminded that they belong to the great family of Mary.

Mother Ignacia’s own life reflected the posture of Mary, Handmaid of the Lord, ready at all times to do God’s will.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, You inspired Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo to imitate the disposition of Mary the perfect disciple. Grant us our petitions, specially that of imitating the virtues of Mary our Mother. GLORY BE….
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