Ninth day: The humility of Mother Ignacia
“Anyone among you who aspires to greatness must serve the rest, and whoever wants to rank first among you must serve the needs of all. (Mt. 20:26-27).
REFLECTION: “On the tenth day of September Mother Ignacia, foundress of this institution, passed away. She was the truly valiant woman…. She was mortified, patient, devout, spiritual, zealous for the good of souls, and very humble, the great proof of which in this case was her having spontaneously abdicated the government of that house, without allowing herself to be overcome by that desire to command, which as an insidious woodborer, can corrupt the cedar and the hyssop.”

At the root of her heroism were her personal virtues: the leadership she employed to pursue the service of her Lord, but above all, the deep humility that transcended the human inclination to dominate, when after she had set in place the affairs of her religious family, and had gained the recognition of Church authorities, she spontaneously abdicated her position as superior of the community, to give way to the leadership of a younger member, Dominga del Rosario, while remaining an exemplary member of the institution she had brought into being.

PRAYER: Father, Your daughter Ignacia overcame the human propensity to pride by her voluntary choice of the way of humility. Please grant our petition today, especially that of learning from the meek and humble heart of Christ. GLORY BE….
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